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I'll do this Season by Season, listing the full name of the POTW (if known), age (if given) and final diagnosis. Part of the info you only get from screencaps and/or the scripts/transcripts. Here's the list for Season 1:

1x1 - Rebecca "Rachel" Adler (29), neurocysticercosis
1x2 - Dan (16), subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
1x3 - Brandon Merrell (or Merrick) (22), colchizine poisoning
1x4 - 6 babies (Maxine Hartig, Chen Lupino, Percy Housan + 3 others) (newborns), echovirus 11
1x5 - Sister Mary Augustine (40), allergic reaction to copper IUD
1x6 - Lucy Palmeiro (or Palmero) (38), vitamin K deficiency, liver cancer, Wilson's disease
1x7 - Elise Snow, african trypanosomiasis
1x8 - Matthew "Matt" ´Davis (between 13 - 18), pesticide poisoning
1x9 - John Henry Giles, arteriovenous malformation
1x10 - Victoria Madsen, rabies, TB
1x11 - Keith Foster (or Forrester) (16), naphthalene poisoning
1x12 - Hank Wiggen (born 09/21/77), cadmium poisoning
1x13 - Gabriel "Gabe" Reilich (12), leprosy & anthrax
1x14 - Carly Forlano (32), congestive heart failure due to drug abuse (Ipecac)
1x15 - Joey Arnello, ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency, Hep C
1x16 - Jessica Simms (10), Cushing's disease, heart failure
1x17 - Senator Gary H. Wright, autoimmune syndrome from interaction of EBV with anti-seizure meds, CVID, toxoplasmosis
1x18 - Naomi Randolph (39), Lambert-Eaton Syndrome
1x19 - Mary Carroll (12), TTP
1x20 - Harvey Park (21), osteomyelitis
1x21 - farmer, volleyball player (16), House (at that time mid-30ies), necrotizing fasciitis, cancerous adenoma, muscle death due to clotted aneurysm
1x22 - Mark Warner, AIP


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