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I'll do this Season by Season, listing the full name of the POTW (if known), age (if given) and final diagnosis. Part of the info you only get from screencaps and/or the scripts/transcripts. Here's the list for Season 4:

4x1 - Liz Masters & Megan Bradbury (26), mixup, allergic granuloma
4x2 - Greta Cooper (30), von-Hippel-Lindau syndrome, pheochromocytoma
4x3 - Thomas Stark (37), strongyloides infection
4x4 - Irene Walesa (24), ergot poisoning
4x5 - Robert Elliot, Giovannini syndrome cause by eperythrozoon
4x6 - Casey Alfonso & CIA agent ("John Smith"), heat stroke & selenium/thallium poisoning
4x7 - Kenny Arnold (16), Lyme disease
4x8 - Finn (or Flynn) Bradley, lupus, autoimmue hemolytic anemia
4x9 - Jimmy Quidd (38), mutated measles virus
4x10 - Maggie Archer (45), breast cancer
4x11 - Dr. Cate Milton, fat embolism due to broken toe
4x12 - Roz Viner (38), nephroptosis
4x13 - Jaff Tallridge, Chagas disease
4x14 - Evan Greer, quinine allergy
4x15 - Dr. Gregory House, amnesia duw to bus crash
4x16 - Dr. Amber Volakis (between 25 - 29), tachycardia due to amantadine poisoning


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